Why Dubai is the best city in the world to #LIVEURBAN

Posted On: 09 01 2019

The world is a big place. We might all find ourselves a lot more connected and accessible with the onset of social media, the internet and the multiple ways to travel speedily between nations, but it is still a vast landscape of oceans, forests, mountains, rivers, roads, monuments and, of course, cities – around 50,000 of them actually. That is an awful lot of concrete, skyscrapers, buses, offices, apartments and restaurants. As of 2018, Tokyo is the largest in terms of population with over 38,000,000 residents and New York is the largest in land area at 4,585 square miles, but we are far more interested in which one is the best in terms of lifestyle and which one tops the list for amazing urban living. Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty is part of a wide-reaching international brand, so we often find ourselves travelling all over the world and visiting major metropolitan areas to find the best properties for our clients; so we’ve rounded up a few key categories to measure which concrete oasis is the best of the bunch.

In order to make sure we find the right winner, we have used an incredibly scientific luxury hipster approach that lays out the fundamental necessities for superior urban living and how each city lives up to them.

The ultimate #LIVEURBAN lifestyle should include:


If you want to #liveurban in the best way, you need to make sure you are living in a cosmopolitan nirvana. The city landscape needs to embody an atmosphere of innovation, culture, inclusion and potential. It should be contemporary with depth, multi-culturally musical and filled with all the best things in life such as great food and amazing people. No two days should be the same and you should always feel as though anything is possible…..

Nominees: Paris, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai Winner: New Orleans


There have been some downsides to the onset of modernity, but a lack of creative growth isn’t one of them. Opportunities for global collaboration, more diverse avenues and more accessible education have fostered generations of people who continue to challenge our perceptions, share their stories and innovate new concepts. A city that champions urban living should be packed with imagination and originality as well as the capacity for all types of people to come together and share their view of the world in their own unique way.

Nominees: Melbourne, Dubai, San Francisco Winner: New York


True urban living needs to have a touch of luxury and a whole host of activities that provide the best quality of work/life balance. Great cities of the world offer the finest in dining, theatre, music, nightlife and culture. You can feel the pulse of excitement in the streets, experience the wonder of colour and sound in artful renditions, sparkle at social soirees and challenge your boundaries with adrenaline-packed adventures.

Nominees: Amsterdam, London, New York, Edinburgh Winner: Dubai


Luxury urban living should come with the decadent necessity of convenience. Never let it be the case that the mundane gets in the way of the marvellous. Having help and support to make your life smoother and more efficient should be built into the ethos of the city, so that all you have to worry about is what restaurant you are eating at that evening.

Nominees: Singapore, Stockholm, Shenzhen Winner: Dubai

Accessibility – In such a globalised world with so many ways in which we are united as a human race and so much diversity and culture to discover, the refined urbanite needs to live in a location that gives them access to other places and people. A cosmopolitan mix of different people in day to day is paramount, but also the city’s proximity to other countries for quick trips, weekend tours and holidays. Nipping off to a wonder of the world in between office hours is a fantastic way to expand your cultural portfolio and tick off the locations on your map of the world.

Nominees: Hong Kong, Munich, Cairo Winner: Dubai

So according to our very conclusive research and not-at-all biased approach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates tops the list for the best city in the world to live, especially if you want to #LIVEURBAN. Who would have believed it? ;-)

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