Why Dubai is a cosmopolitan haven

Posted On: 12 12 2018

Why Dubai is a cosmopolitan haven

Dubai has long held the perception of being a prime location for ambition and success. Constantly hitting the record books with feats of engineering and a government committed to multi-level growth has ensured its attraction remains steady to companies, investment and corporate professionals from all over the world.

But if you thought that it was a city for buttoned-up guys in suits and nothing but luxury commercial ventures, you would be dead wrong. The reality is that Dubai is now far more noticeable for its cosmopolitan creativity than its corporate culture. From retail to residential, restaurants to relaxation, Dubai seems to have set its sights on breaking records in the chic street vibe and millennial hipster sphere.

Now when you walk around the city, you are just as likely to run into avant-garde artists and experimental musicians as you are a CEO. This evolution in attitude has had the delightful repercussion of shepherding in a new age of cultural exploration, as well as a renewed celebration of the cultures of the past. Tourists and residents alike can now experience the vast range of tributes to traditional Arabic influences as well as the integration of tastes, sounds and sights from around the world. Young, dynamic and ambitious professionals can now enjoy fashion, art, food and experiences that feed their passionate, adventurous side, and all of which comes with the signature Dubai-level luxury.

The place to be seen…..

As well as the emergence of dedicated venues to innovation and creativity such as Alserkal Avenue and D3, there has also been an explosion of events running throughout the year that offer visitors a more on-trend experience. Those in the know will have marked their diaries for Sole DXB, the exclusive trainer ‘festival’, the decidedly more on-point Jazz Festival, Art Dubai, now in its 13 th Year, and of course the Dubai International Film Festival (or DIFF for those of us know that abbreviations are cooler than emojis).

The food for the soul…..

Nothing evokes images of cosmopolitan living more than a little bit (or in some cases a lot) of fusion. Choice was never something lacking from the Dubai restaurant scene, but recent years have heralded a new era in concept range as diners clamoured for more excitement, innovation and spirit. Chefs from around the world answered the call and now the cosmo-glitterati have a list of iconic locations to spend their evenings with friends. If you haven’t managed to spread your wings yet, you won’t want to miss La Carnita at Intercontinental Dubai Marina, Salt Bae’s home Nusr-Et at the Four Seasons or, of course, Bareburger for your vegan sensibilities.

The way to shop……

This new generation of discerning consumers with disposable incomes are far more selective about their spending habits and for many, the concept of provenance and purpose remains paramount in every aspect. These sustainably-minded individuals like to shop for fresh food at Ripe and spend their weekends browsing the fare at communities markets. Their luxury preferences also extend to fashion of course, and for wardrobe updates they can be found musing the racks of chic ‘street’ brands like Balenciaga, Off-White, American Rag Cie and Vetements.

The address everyone wants…

If you are going to aptly embody the role of professional culture-vulture/hip millennial, then you need an address that reflects your personality. Luckily for our plucky, trend seeking house-hunters, the Dubai property market has responded in spades. There are a host of locations that offer a more contemporary and stylish way of living. One such place is SOHO Palm. Inspired by the ultra-hip locations in London and New York, this unique beachfront residence is filled with aspirational touches, throughout each of its individually-designed 58 apartments. This property fully rejects the concept of one-size-fits-all, smartly indulging the desires of this upwardly mobile class that errs on the side of unique and bespoke at all times; as long as they come with an Instagram-worthy infinity pool – check!

It may just be that Dubai was exactly the right place for this type of ‘revolution’, because these foodie, arty, sustainable, cosmopolitan consumers are still very much preferential to the luxury lifestyle, but for them, it just needs to come with a little bit of soul!

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