Top Landscaping Trends & Ideas for your Signature Villas

Posted On: 30 04 2019

A lovely landscape design not only adds value to your property, it can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful place to sit and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty. Signature Villas on the Palm Jumeirah are known for their wide-spread outdoor space for a beautifully landscaped garden. The liberty to customise and create a safe and secure outdoor space for the entire family is what landscaping all about.

Let’s look at some landscape design trends for luxury villas in Dubai:

The Classic Open Lawn

The addition of an uninterrupted open lawn can make the most of an outdoor space. This is the foundation of most exterior landscaping projects but it can be utilised as part of the design in order to make it so much more. There are fewer aspects of landscape design that are as simple yet offer as much impact as a clean cut and well-kept piece of grass. The landscaping design concept of the open lawn began in the home sector. The stylish simplicity of the lawn can now also be seen in the hospitality trade. Retail and commercial properties were also seen following the trend of open lawn spaces.

Stepping Stones

The classic lawn has proved successful in the landscaping industry. So much that designers have looked for ways to add to an area of open grass in order to make it more functional. One of these design concepts does just that, but also manages to create a whole new style aspect in the process. The use of stones placed at certain intervals so as to allow you to walk over it without touching the grass has become a design trend in itself. They add a stylish line to an already classic piece of landscaping design. They also come in a wide variety of stone type, size and design to fit into any landscaping plan.

Courtyard / Patio

The courtyard or patio is another classic landscaping design idea. Although its roots lay in age old techniques, the more modern landscaping trend has seen it make a massive comeback. The placement of a small or large area of paving stones in the centre or even off to the side of a large green space can be used for outdoor eating or just a calm seating area. Often seen in the gardens of large estates, the courtyard or patio can be used to create somewhat of an oasis within your green space.

Now Let’s look at some exterior landscape ideas:

Plants that Beat the Heat

The scorching sun in Dubai can turn some plants into a crispy mess. Fortunately, there are some plants that are built to withstand the heat. The most resilient plants include the Money Plant which can be grown in soil as well as water filled bottles, Plumeria, Frangipani, Ficus and Jasmine which is an evergreen shrub.

Vegetable Container Gardening

There are many types of vegetables and herbs that can easily be grown and maintained in small containers and pots such as mint, rosemary, parsley and basil. Growing veggies in containers means you can overcome pests and soil borne diseases. Similarly, vegetables in brightly colored containers is also a great way to decorate your outdoor garden.

Enhance with a Water Feature

An element of water adds a new dimension to your garden as well as creating a soothing and relaxing escape. You can improve your landscape design by installing a water feature such as a pond or waterfall. Alternatively, keeping in mind water sustainability, a dribbling fountain provides only a trickle of water, but enough to create a calming feeling.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are becoming extremely popular. They provide the comfort of the indoors with the additional advantage of fresh air and a great view. Create an outdoor living space in your backyard garden with luxurious furniture. You could even consider adding a barbeque area or bar. The result is an intimate living area that can be used for relaxing or entertaining.

Incorporating a natural habitat into your landscaping or planting native plants protects the environment and allows you to make better use of the land. The plants, structures and other features you place on your property impact more than just the appearance of your home. Keep in mind, a well-manicured property with appealing landscaping is oftentimes a big selling point for a home.

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