The Savvy Investor: Second Passports and CBI

Posted On: 24 02 2020

Living the ultimate luxury lifestyle isn’t just about having the right luxury property or owning the finest luxury goods; it is also about how one manages their personal assets and finances. At Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, we know that one of the key elements to retaining high-net-worth wealth is through strategic financial investments. With the ever-evolving geo-political landscape and individual regional limitations, more and more discerning and savvy individuals are realising the benefits of second passports and citizenship by investment opportunities.

A Growing Trend

Obtaining a second passport or citizenship through making a specific investment in another country is what is known as ‘investor migration’. Currently the most common method is through a property investment purchase, usually starting from a minimum of $150,000, though more options such as government donations are starting to pop up. A study recently referenced by Gulf News found that this once niche market is now estimated to reach $100 billion in revenue by 2025. High net worth individuals, and the increasingly large group of ultra-high net worth individuals, are always on the look-out for ways to safeguard and grow their assets. Investor migration is ideal for those looking to avoid economic or political instability or increase their global mobility for business or pleasure.

The Benefits of a Second Passport

There are so many invaluable benefits to having a second passport that gives you citizenship in another destination around the world. The key factors to appreciate if you are considering widening your international footprint are: Greater Stability – Creating a home in a country that offers more security in terms of political structure and economic growth, not to mention a safer home for your family and assets.
Visa-free Travel – Feeling restricted, for work or vacation purposes, isn’t a pleasant experience. With a second passport, you are guaranteed a wider range of access to the world with seamless visa-free travel available to all the top countries.
Market Access – As well as the lucrative property investment you likely just made for your CBI, having citizenship qualifications in certain countries not only opens up opportunities to its domestic market, but the international ones it has access to as well Educational Opportunities – Do you want the best for your children? Imagine the educational institutions they could attend with a CBI that accessed the world’s top seats of learning and excellence?

Where in the World….

There are a growing number of destinations that one could consider investing in order to obtain a second passport and citizenship. Those that offer established and reputable programmes are often the safest, especially when a property investment is involved as this can ensure you double-up on the value of spending all that cash! With timelines as quick as three months, smart investors can find themselves exploring new horizons in a very short space of time. At Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, we utilise our global network, extensive reputation and exceptional expertise to filter out the opportunities available and ensure that we can make the right recommendation for your budget, circumstances and personal preferences. Whatever your motivations or whatever level of luxury property or new development you would like to include in your citizenship investment, we can help you find the right one for you. Here are some of the exciting and accommodating locations that we can recommend:

Portugal Bulgaria Cyprus Quebec, Canada Grenada Montenegro Dominica Antigua and Barbuda

If you would like to speak to one of our property consultant experts about our citizenship investment programmes or obtaining a second passport, please do get in touch here.

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