The People of Property: Emirates Hills

Posted On: 25 02 2019

The People of Property: Emirates Hills

Continuing our series of the people behind the property, we sat down with a long term resident of the exclusive luxury community that is Emirates Hills to find out what they love about their area and why they think it is the best place to live in Dubai.

Hello Dhalia, thank you so much for sitting down with us. So, you live in Emirates Hills, what is that like?

It is the perfect location for my family, which is its main selling point for me. We have lived there for about 4 years now and for us, it is the most exclusive and luxurious community in the whole of Dubai.

What type of property do you live in and who with?

My husband and I bought a six bedroomed villa in Emirates Hills a few years ago and we have 3 kids, an 8 year old, a 4 year old and our youngest Nadia turned up last year. We wanted to move somewhere that was a great place to raise a family. Not only is the home really spacious, but there is a pool for my morning laps and entertaining the kids and a huge garden which is great for entertaining! We must have chosen fairly well as we seem to have a constant stream of family and friends coming over!

What is unique about living in Emirates Hills?

There are so many unique selling points to Emirates Hills. It is easy for my husband to get to work as an Emirates Pilot, as well as been close to the kids’ school and the malls. But I think the main selling point for us was the exclusivity of the development. Emirates Hills is one of the most coveted places to live in Dubai because the luxury villas are so unique, it is secure and private.

What sort of things do you get up to during the weekend?

Since we are so busy during the week, we do prefer to be at home more at the weekend, especially if my husband isn’t flying. We will normally hang out by the pool, playing games and cooking food. Usually friends or family will come over for dinner or a barbeque, so the house is never quiet!

What is your favourite thing about living in Emirates Hills?

I think it would have to be the beauty and the space. It is such a special community and Emaar took such care with their planning to ensure that it would be the most premier destination in Dubai and it shows in the landscaping, the infrastructure and the amenities. The opportunity to purchase a plot of land and build your own dream villa is an amazing touch, but the existing properties for sale in Emirates Hills offer such a beautiful range of styles and designs as well.

If you had to live anywhere else in Dubai, where would it be?

Before I had a family, I loved living in Index Tower in Downtown Dubai, but now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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