The People of Property: Dubai Marina

Posted On: 06 07 2019

The People of Property: Dubai Marina

Continuing our series of the people behind the property, we sat down with a long term resident of Dubai Marina to find out what they love about their area and why they think it is the best place to live in Dubai.

Hello Amina, thank you so much for sitting down with us. So, you live in Dubai Marina?

Yes I do and I love it! I wouldn’t live anywhere else. You can access all the best areas, but still be super close to the beach, which is a real treat and a big change from the UK (where I am from). I work in an advertising agency in Media city so I can get to work really easily and walk home. Even better, it’s just a short cab ride back from Q43 if I meet friends after work.

What type of property do you live in and who with?

I live in a rented 3 bedroom apartment with two other girlfriends. I am super lucky because I have the en-suite room and a beautiful view of the sea. Even though it is rented, it really feels homely, mainly after we went shopping and cleared Home Centre out of fake flowers, wall prints and patterned mugs!

Talking about shopping, what is that like in Dubai Marina?

Oh it’s really good. I love Marina Mall, it’s so much quieter than MOE and Dubai Mall, but it still has all the shops you need. We tend to do the grocery shop in Waitrose, but we love the new addition of the Marks and Spencer food hall, especially if we want something delicious for supper.

What sort of things do you get up to during the weekend?

Well I do like to work out a lot; you have to stay in shape for all the events I have to go to! So that means that I do quite a few boot camps during the week, but one is always on the weekend. I usually do it on Friday mornings so I can go and have a well-deserved breakfast in Eggspectation afterwards – their Bravacado is to die for! I do love being so close to JBR and The Beach, but I am so glad I don’t have to deal with the traffic issues you have if you live there. At least one Friday a month we are often headed to a brunch, which is a great chance to catch up with friends – the Marina Social one is really delicious. My flatmate is training to be a Yoga instructor so we also do a lot of Yoga which is super calming and good for stretching out the desk aches and pains.

What is your favourite thing about living in Dubai Marina?

Probably the convenience. It is so central and you can access everything you need. I love being able to have things delivered, especially if we are planning a night of takeout and Netflix. I’ve also just started getting fresh fruits and vegetables delivered by Kibsons so we can cook more in the house.

If you had to live anywhere else in Dubai, where would it be?

If I was a millionaire it would be nice to have a villa on Palm Jumeirah with private beach access, but to be honest, I still think I would prefer to be in the Marina with all my friends.

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