The Journey to Luxury Property: Exploration

Posted On: 19 03 2020

The Journey to Luxury Property: Exploration

This is part two of our three part series diving inside the unique customer journey available at Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty. ‘Inspiration’ was how we started and before we finish with ‘Selection’, it is time to discover the wonder of…..


Whilst we wouldn’t encourage emulating the exact journeys of explorers like Ibn Battuta or Ferdinand Magellan, their inquisitive nature is an excellent benchmark for would-be house-hunters. Taking an adventurous approach to the exploration of luxury properties is vital when shopping to buy. You may be looking for a dream home for you and your family or searching for the type of property that will generate the right yields for your investment portfolio; either way, you need to know everything to make the right decision. At Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, we focus on ensuring that you are briefed on every aspect and receive a comprehensive overview of the property. With our expert property consultants by your side, we can help you access the full picture so you can make the right decision for your needs, and your budget.

Exploring the Location

As the infamous TV show goes, ‘Location, Location, Location’ is utterly crucial when it comes to buying property, particularly when it is a luxury property. The reality of assessing the location of the property comes down to each individual’s unique list of requirements. First off, one must be able to deal with a property consultant who has an innate understanding of the area, the community and its accessibility. Think about how important it would be to find out about the type of neighbours you would have in Dubai Marina, how long your commute to work would be from Emirates Hills and how good the nearest schools are to Jumeirah Golf Estates? On-trend destinations like Dubai Hills combine a convenient locale with a wide selection of schools to choose from.

Exploring the Amenities

Buying the right luxury property shouldn’t mean you ever have to compromise on living the ultimate luxury lifestyle. When reviewing potential properties, you cannot afford to skip an assessment of the amenities, both within the residence and those surrounding it. A luxury, city-view penthouse in Downtown Dubai might come with its own private pool and gym, but would you also like a cinema or a spa? A stunning, beach-side apartment in a five-star hotel residence on the Palm Jumeirah would mean you have constant access to the finest facilities and on-call services. You need to decide which elements are most important and which will give you the lifestyle you deserve.

Exploring the Details

Lastly, you must take the time to explore the details. Every property, even luxury properties, could have their own bespoke features that could put you off. Obviously Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty will have ensured that the property they are showing you is fit for purpose and meets our extremely exacting standards. But you need to consider the little touches that could make all the difference once you have moved in. Do you need two sinks in the master bathroom? How close should the fridge be to the oven? Is the family room too near the home office? Are there enough guest rooms in the villa? Is there space for your grand piano in the front living room? Does the

layout of the bathroom suit your morning routine? Is the garden big enough to host the type of events you like to throw? Only you will know the vital details that will impact your life the most, and it is so important to make sure you have considered them before you buy a luxury property.

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