The Best Luxury Properties for Entertaining

Posted On: 15 08 2019

One of the best things about living in Dubai is the culture of socialising that seems to fill the city. Since the majority of residents came from other countries around the world, it is a land of expats and travellers, all of whom are filled with the sense of exploration and connection. Not only do many of us enjoy meeting new friends and spending time with old ones, but so many of the cultures represented here have long traditions of celebrating with loved ones and socialising in a mirage of ways, for multiple occasions, even if that is just because it is the weekend. Even a cursory evening stroll in Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina will open your eyes to the inclusive nature of the city and the Arabic influence of spending nights with friends and family, chatting and catching up.

Depending on the time of year you could find yourself invited to any number of events from iftars to Diwali celebrations, work nights out to Christmas dinners. So whether you feel obligated to return the gesture or simply love hosting yourself, it is essential that you know the best luxury homes in which to cultivate an environment for fabulous events and magnificent parties. We did some digging into our exclusive luxury property listings and found the very best developments and communities in which to reside if you are someone who lives for a soiree.

The Palm Jumeirah

Imagine hosting a simple, yet elegant barbeque on the weekend where your guests can not only cool down in your pool, but dip their toes in the ocean just a few steps further. This is the type of entertaining experience that comes with the luxury villas on the Palm and one that might mean your guests never quite want to leave. Even if you choose one of the luxury apartments on the Palm, such as SOHO Palm or the One Palm, they come with unrivalled space so your guests don’t feel cramped, and views that will keep them transfixed, even when the music skips.

Downtown Dubai

With in-built views stripped right from the pages of Conte Naste Traveller, you can’t beat Downtown Dubai for the perfect location when it comes to entertaining. A stunning luxury penthouse with a vista that includes the Dubai Mall fountain display, the Dubai Opera House and the Burj Khalifa just can’t be topped. Even if your hosting skills aren’t up to peak condition, your guests are still guaranteed a fabulous time; just make sure you know who your real friends are when it comes to New Year, or you might be inundated!

Jumeirah Golf Estates

The size and splendour of the luxury villas in this community are ideal for entertaining large groups. There are plenty of green spaces that create a sense of calm as soon as your guests enter the development and its location makes everyone feel like they are getting away from the rat race. Huge gardens and patios lend themselves to outside events, which is perfect for the fantastic Dubai climate and there is plenty of room for the kids to have a run around and tire themselves out! It is also a superb location come Race to Dubai time – you can’t get a better view of the greens and all your favourite celebrity golfers!

Emirates Hills

It doesn’t get more exclusive and impressive than Emirates Hills. If you are looking for luxury villa or dream home that will not only give you and your family an indulgently fantastic lifestyle, but utterly wow any guests or visitors you might have, then this is the location for you. Not only does this iconic development offer unrivalled security, the unique planning has provided extra levels of privacy to the individual homes so you don’t feel overlooked and your party can feel incredibly special. This is the very definition of luxury property and luxury entertaining.

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