The 10 Best Schools in Dubai and the Luxury Properties to Live in.

Posted On: 12 08 2019

For those of us with children, we all understand the dilemma when it comes to their education. Our precious bundles of joy (and sometimes naughty little devils) obviously deserve the best, particularly if we want them to thrive in an ever-evolving society. But how can we be sure we are making the right decisions; choosing the option that will help mould them into individuals that aim to help and grow? Especially as an expat, as so many are, one can find oneself clueless about which institution will offer the best path for one’s child. You have watched them grow from a baby and develop their own unique characteristics, their own unique outlook and you may well already have a sense of their strengths (and weaknesses). You want to find a school that will fuel their dreams and your own, that will foster ambition and development and provide a safe, inclusive environment for them to connect with others and make friends that may last a lifetime. For many of us, our child’s or children’s education is of paramount importance and, as such, we aim to adapt our life choices around that purpose. That’s why we have put together this list of the best schools in Dubai, for whatever your little angel’s personality is, and where to live if you want to be as close as possible – who needs a long school run?

The best choice for sporty kids is Dubai English Speaking College (DESC).

This co-ed English curriculum school is the ideal option if you are convinced you are raising the next Usain Bolt or Serena Williams. Not to mention their commitment to sports facilitates amazing opportunities for peer bonding and teamwork. Even better, The Villa is just a ten minute car ride away, with no traffic issues, so you can get the kids to school in no time.

The best choice for math or stem kids is Dubai College.

Established in 1978, this not-for-profit school will push your kids’ boundaries and is the perfect petri dish for those who love all things numbers and science. Its central location means that you can stay close by with a villa in Umm Suqeim.

The best choice for fantastic pastoral care and special education needs is Jumeirah Baccalaureate School (JBS).

Their commitment to the growth of all of their students, no matter their capabilities, has created a positive environment in which achievements of all stripes are celebrated, no matter how small. If your child needs extra attention, you won’t find a better institution than this. An added bonus is that just around the corner is the enchanting City Walk, which not only offers some beautiful houses and apartments, but endless hours of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

The best choice for kids who want to board is Repton.

This independent school has consistently held an outstanding record with KDHA and continues to be one of the most respected educational providers in the city. As a boarding school, the proximity of your home won’t depend on the school run, but if you would like to be close, International City and Silicon Oasis are both just a stone’s throw away.

The best choice for poetry or story-loving kids is Jumeirah College.

Part of the GEMS family, this imagination-fuelling school stands out with its ability to spark wonder and creativity, particularly in those students who are never too far from a book or a pen. Finding a home in Jumeirah 3 could mean your child could walk to and from school and you can be right on the beach for the weekends!

The best choice for kids who want to learn languages is the Swiss International Scientific School.

This multi-cultural, IB bilingual school brings together a whole range of students and offers a fantastic program in languages, so that your child can develop their skills in becoming a true citizen of the world. Just don’t panic too much when you can’t understand their chats! Its creek side location opens up a world of possibilities for living locations including Downtown and Business Bay.

The best choice for drama or music loving kids is Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS).

This is a school that embodies a child’s capacity to dream. They offer no end of possibilities to where an education within their walls can take you. What better place to send your wide-eyed dreamer child who has visions of stardom filling their head. It is also the perfect location for those already living in or looking to move to Arabian Ranches. A combination guaranteed to create a pretty bright future for the whole family.

The best choice for kids who care about the environment is the Arbor School.

Complete with bio-domes and garden learning centres, your kids can cement their sustainable credentials and learn about how to protect the planet for generations to come (although at this rate mainly theirs). They can even cut their carbon footprint more by walking to school if the family lives in the totally lovely and well-priced Al Furjan.

The best choice for those looking for a ‘feeder’ school to UK universities is North London Collegeiate School.

This exceptional educational institution not only offers the highest levels of schooling across a wide range of subjects, but is a well-respected name that could open all the right doors when it comes to higher education. For those this committed to their child’s journey, you can even live close by with a villa in Meydan or District One.

The best choice for those looking for a ‘feeder’ school to US universities is Dwight School.

Committed to igniting the spark in every individual child, this is a fantastic place for them to grow, learn and make new friends. It is also well equipped to assist them with finding and securing a place in the right state-side university. It is also extremely close to several of the Dubai Hills communities, which is simply the hottest place to live in Dubai right now.

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