Surreal Comfort

Posted On: 21 09 2016

By a surprising marriage of handcraft and industrial technology this lightweight chair, designed by Marcel Wanders for Cappelini, is what gave the designer popularity in 1996. The rope, made of an aramide braid and carbon center, is knotted into the shape of a chair. The slack texture is then impregnated with epoxy and hung in a frame to harden. Gaudi revisited: gravity creates the final shape. The transparent appearance of the chair misleads you, the knotted fiber, which doesn’t want to collapse, looks strange, alien perhaps.

The chair invites to touch and try it and despite all the modern technology used to create it, the piece has a lovely doltishness, which brings out its individual and personal character. You can experience it live during Dubai Design Days as Wander’s presents his Personal Editions collection.

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