Luxury Living in Dubai

Posted On: 03 07 2019

There is no doubt that there is one thing that Dubai certainly knows how to do better than anyone else and that is, of course, luxury. Travel to any of the major cities in the world, the cosmopolitan ones, the exciting ones, the fast-paced ones, the colourful ones, but you will never find an environment that fosters luxury quite like Dubai. From the hundreds of 5 star hotels, not to mention the 6 and 7 star ones, to the Michelin-calibre restaurants, the opulent spas to the chic entertainment and leisure venues, every pore of this vibrant city is designed to offer only the best and reach the highest of heights in luxurious splendour. It’s not only the grand gestures that exude refined sentiments, much of the secret to Dubai’s luxurious success lies in the little things; the immaculate public bathrooms with smiling attendants, the capacity to have literally anything delivered to your front door, from milk to petrol, and the hordes of amazingly heroic workers employed to keep the city as clean as possible. It all culminates in creating an enviable way of life that is utterly irresistible and totally indulgent. Isn’t that why we all live here?

Of course that commitment to luxury hasn’t escaped the Dubai property market. In fact, one could argue, that this is an industry that has embraced that concept with vigour and gusto. You might struggle to find any other location on earth that offers the sheer volume and range of luxury property options. The landscape of Dubai provides stunning views and accessible locations, highly- functional communities and first-class amenities, but it is in the luxurious design and construction of homes that the property industry in Dubai has truly excelled. From the luxury signature villas on Palm Jumeirah to the lush oasis of Al Barari, there are so many possibilities for wonder and the highest chance in the world to find your magical dream home. If you are looking for your own slice of luxury property, we have put together a short list of the absolute top locations to find your own enchanting abode that could be your forever home.

Al Barari

Al Barari – this aforementioned oasis of greenery and nature is a transformative experience that will be hard to resist. Not only have the developers created a haven for lush gardens, beautiful waterways and first-class amenities, each of the communities includes homes that are simply out of this world. You won’t believe the seamless ease with which such splendour blends with the outdoors and the way in which every detail has been considered and upgraded to suit the finest of tastes.

One Palm View

The Palm Jumeirah – As one of the most iconic destinations in Dubai, you could have forgiven the developers for perhaps not paying as much attention to the properties, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single one of the villas, from 2 bedrooms to 11 bedrooms, and apartments, from SOHO Palm to One Palm, on the Palm has been designed to the highest standards and each one was created with the luxurious requirements of their eventual occupants in mind. Dubai Hills – It might be new, but that doesn’t mean it has compromised on luxury in any way at all. Dubai Hills Estate is the new must-have location in Dubai, particularly given its central location and easy accessibility to all the major venues, including Downtown and the airport. This sparkling development has a range of properties available for rent or sale and its gorgeous green spaces and central championship golf course make it the ideal location for those who crave a more active yet chic lifestyle.

Downtown Views

Downtown – Nothing quite embodies the best of chic, city living more than Downtown Dubai. It is a location that could rival New York or London for appeal and certainly has them beat on atmosphere and luxury options. For those who like to feel the pulse of the city in which they dwell, you can’t beat the wondrous penthouses and extraordinary apartments of Downtown Dubai, especially now that it is the centre of culture thanks to the Dubai Opera House. Emirates Hills – Fit for royalty, the residential roll call of Emirates Hills will give you the best idea of just how sought-after this location is amongst the rich and famous. Not only can you find your ready-made luxury villa here, you can also secure a plot on which to build your own dream home, totally from scratch. Couple this with superb levels of privacy and you have a recipe for envy that no one can deny.

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