#LIVEBOLD: The Bold Bucket List

Posted On: 03 12 2018

#LIVEBOLD: The Bold Bucket List

As part of our #LIVEBOLD series, we have been looking at the ways, things and places that should inspire us to live bolder lives that explore our passions and our dreams. From taking a leap on that luxury dream property to mini adventures to fuel your spirit, we wanted to encourage you to reach higher and test your boundaries, because you never know what you might discover about yourself!

This week we have been delving into the truly outlandish and special experiences that we think you should add to your ultimate Bold Bucket List. These adventures come from far and wide, and they might not be things you can do right away, but each of them are once in a lifetime, push-the- boundary, experiences that you will never forget. And, as the saying goes, “the best things in life are the people you love, the places you go and the memories you make”; that type of living is utterly priceless.

So get ready to add some gold to your bucket list……

Rip up the schedule

Make time to take a trip you will never forget and one that comes without a schedule! Pick something that takes you out of your comfort zone and maybe even a best friend to go with and get packing. You could take a road trip across the USA; just you, a snazzy car and no GPS! How about an epic motorcycle journey in South America? Backpacking across Europe? A cruise in Antarctica might be cold, but you have never seen vistas like these. Don’t forget to throw in a few bungee jumps, sky dives, safaris, Gorilla treks or river rafting experiences if you are bold enough! Just imagine the place or places you have always wanted to visit and just do it!

Make a difference that matters

The legacy we leave behind is always strongest in the people we have touched and the way in which we have shaped the world. Volunteering or contributing to charities is a noble cause and one many of us never find quite enough time for; but if you are looking to add profound, life-changing things to your bucket list, this is one that will be felt long after you are gone. This is a chance to buck the trend of your annual write-off donation and choose to give time and support to something really amazing that will change people’s lives. Helping to build a hospital or a school, taking a plane full of supplies to a ravaged area or facilitating future growth through engaging communities are all endeavours that will really make a difference and one that will last for generations. Find out more here.

Get a new perspective

How about the top of the world? You might hate the stair master at the gym, but how amazing would it be to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Thanks to fantastic and experienced companies like Adventure Consultants, if you have enough determination and dedication, you can stand on the top of the world, 29,035ft in the air.

Luxury like no other

Luxury is something we spend quite a lot of time thinking out, especially when we see some of the stunningly luxurious villas available around the world. But, for this list, we wanted to include the ultimate luxury experience. Whilst Harper’s Bazaar had a list that made us feel spoilt for choice, we couldn’t resist the boldness of their South African diamond and gemstone experience (book here), especially if you wanted to use it mark a special occasion or ask a special question? This private, unheard of access, experience is a spellbinding one that comes complete with the highest levels of luxury in accommodation and the most indulgent relaxation stay you can imagine.

Leave the world behind Yes, we mean this literally. Any ultimate bucket list would include the boldest mission ever; to go into space. Thanks to companies like Space X, Space Adventures and Virgin Galactic, it won’t be long before even totally non-astronaut types can fly above the earth, visit the International Space Station or orbit the moon. Although the cost is currently quite high and some companies even have long waiting lists, this trip would be worth saving up for, if for nothing less than the extraordinary bragging rights going would bring you.

So, what would be on your bucket list?

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