LIVE Downtown Series: Top 5 Things to Do in Downtown Dubai

Posted On: 02 05 2018

LIVE Downtown Series: Top 5 Things to Do in Downtown Dubai

Referred to as the Centre of Now, Downtown Dubai is home to some of the most iconic buildings and attractions in the city. With the largest shopping mall, the tallest building and the world’s tallest choreographed fountains all at your doorstep you can’t help, but get spoilt for choice, so we have narrowed down 5 top things to do in the area.

With the summer approaching, Downtown Dubai is the perfect place to be because you can choose from a variety of both outdoor and indoor activities, there is something for everyone.

From food & shopping to picturesque views of the Downtown Dubai skyline and Dubai’s popular creative hub Dubai Design District just minutes away.


Eat with a View, Atmosphere or Entertainment 

Whether you are looking for a healthy cafe for breakfast or fine dine restaurant the Downtown Dubai has it all.

The largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall has over 200 food and beverage outlets, from regional cuisine to French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, British and so on.

Some restaurants, come with a view of the Dubai Fountain (world’s tallest choreographed fountain) while others come with the atmosphere of a jungle or singing and dancing waiters.

If you decide to eat out you can choose to walk to the 3.5km Sheikh Mohammed BLVD, which is a restaurant-lined strip with views of the Burj Khalifa offering a wide range of local and international chains as well as cafes.

In case, you prefer to dine-in you can always order food and enjoy the views from your balcony.


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Explore Local and International Culture

Downtown Dubai is also the centre of culture and arts, with The Opera District that showcases the finest, authentic, creative and engaging performing arts from local and international productions. Some of the upcoming highlights include the Swan Lake, which will be shown for a week in October and The Carmen opera, showing for a week in September.

If you are more interested in local design and fashion, you will probably spend most time in Dubai’s leading destination for design, art and culture, known as D3 (Dubai Design District).

Currently, the Dubai Design District offers a variety of events, such as Art exhibitions by local and international artists, Swarovski exhibition with props that have appeared in movies like Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge and design exhibitions and workshops. In addition to this the area has a range of stylish cafes.


Discover the Animal World

The Dubai Mall aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, offering an inside look into the underwater world with hundreds of sharks and fish. The zoo also offers other unique experiences, such as King Croc encounter, Otter encounter or Ray encounter and a variety of unique experiences for children, allowing them to learn about the aquatic environment and ecological concepts or just spend time with their friends by inviting them to a unique birthday party with the Otters.


Dubai from Above

Whether you live in the area or in the tallest building itself, to see Dubai from the top is one of the greatest experiences and with constant development this view changes so fast that it makes it an attraction not only for tourists, but also for locals and expats.


Burj Khalifa Views of The Dubai Fountain Burj Khalifa Views of The Dubai Fountain


The Burj Khalifa is not only the tallest building in the world, it is also one of the most iconic ones and one of the most sought after with exquisite designs by iconic brands such as Armani and incredible amenities and facilities.


Show of Lights and Architecture 

Anyone that appreciates great architecture and new technological advances can’t help, but admire the Downtown Dubai for its unique buildings as well as light and music shows it offers. The Burj Khalifa lights and laser shows on NYE are one of the most anticipated events of the year. It has also earned a new world record with the largest light & sound on a single building.


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