LIVE Culture: From Tradition to Space | Grand Dining Tables

Posted On: 10 06 2018

LIVE Culture: From Tradition to Space | Grand Dining Tables

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world show their devotion to God by fasting during the day, from dawn to dusk. As the sun sets and the time of Iftar begins, families and friends gather together to break their fast with dates and traditional meals. Families often invite their friends to share these special moments together. While, some like to enjoy Iftar’s outdoors there is nothing like preparing a homemade meal and having the space to gather family around a grand dinner table.

Ramadan is also about being kind and generous to others, it’s a time of reflection, worship and closeness. Discover homes that have been designed to enjoy exactly these moments. From hosting family gatherings to entertaining guests these grand tables are the center of togetherness in the home.


Contemporary Villa | Emirates Hills

From the contemporary design and balanced color palette inspired by the desert sands, to large living spaces that are ideal for gathering family and friends. This home features a mixture of luxury materials and furniture that has been imported from the UK, Europe, including a large al fresco dining area and kitchen. The materials used throughout, include rich stones, warm woods and glamorous high-gloss fixtures. Step outside to experience stunning views of the man-made lake that adds a sense of tranquility.



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Signature Villa | Palm Jumeirah

The majestic views of the Dubai Marina skyline add a perfect backdrop to your dining experience making everyday unique. The entire villa has been designed with the highest attention to detail and focus on tranquility.


Grand Dining Table Dining Table


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Modern Tranquil Villa | Al Barari

The soft yellow and gold color shades, elements and lightning bring sunshine and tranquility to this interior, which boasts a grand dinner table with luxury finishing. As this home is set amidst greenery it makes it the perfect location for long walks post-dinner time, admiring the naturally landscaped lakes, freshwater streams, cascades and waterways that are  just a few steps away.


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