LIVE Culture: From Past to Present, Architecture to Design, Simplicity to Luxury

Posted On: 23 05 2018

LIVE Culture: From Past to Present, Architecture to Design, Simplicity to Luxury

During the holy month of Ramadan we bring you the best of Arabic culture; history, traditions and customs. While, Dubai is a modern, future-oriented city it has a very interesting history and culture that can be seen in the details of the architecture and design, whether you are in the old Dubai or in the center of the city.

We will take you from the history of Dubai to the modern city it has become in the past few years. Exploring the architecture and design of the city as well as modern Arabesque properties that are currently on sale.

Modern Arabic Mansion | Meydan

Celebrating the Arabic heritage, symbolism and customs this seven bedroom mansion has been designed to accommodate all the needs of a large family. With open spaces designed for large families wanting to spend quality time together celebrating local traditions.


Arabic style living room

  Arabian architecture and interior design is influenced by many styles such as; Mediterranean, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian and Moroccan.

The Islamic culture plays an important role in interior design to accommodate the lifestyle of the family and offer ideal spaces for special occasions celebrated with friends and family.

The materials used include; brass, copper and wood. The Arabian colour palette differs, but among the most common are warm colours with a touch of turquoise or emerald green as seen in this property.


Stunning views of the golf course Stunning views of the golf course

Discover the Traditional Arabesque Mansion

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