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Posted On: 21 09 2016

Light Design Experience with LASVIT

LASVIT, the Czech manufacturer of unique works of glass, is known as a company that successfully blends tradition and craft with modern vision and technology. Their large-scale installations can be found in luxury hotels, public buildings and private residences across the world. LASVIT’s kinetic glass sculptures and architectural glass explain how latest technologies can be employed to design with technical precision, yet the final product remains hand made from blowing to sanding or engraving. Many pieces in their designer lighting collections reach the limit of what is physically possible to produce manually, thanks to the extreme skills of their artisans.

It is no wonder that this level of craftsmanship attracts designers from around the world who come to the Czech Republic to work directly with local talent or have their designs produced by LASVIT. Among them are Nendo, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, Arik Levy and Michael Young. LASVIT’s recent collaboration with the Brazilian designers, Campana Brothers, perfectly highlights the benefit of fusing various cultures and inspirations.

Campana Brothers at LASVIT

The Campana Brothers design studio was founded in 1983 in Sao Paulo by brothers Fernando (born 1961) and Humberto (born 1953) Campana. The Estudio Campana became famous for its furniture design and the creation of intriguing objects such as the Vermelha and Favela chairs. It has since grown to include interior design, architecture, landscaping, stage design, fashion and various artistic partnerships.

The Campana portfolio incorporates their commitment to transformation, reinvention and the integration of craftsmanship into mass production. Creating preciousness within common materials empathizes the creativity in their design while showcasing their very Brazilian characteristics – the colors, mixtures, the creative chaos and triumph of simple solutions. These are precisely the characteristics they brought to the table in their first venture into glass design.

When we first visited the LASVIT glassworks in Lindava we discovered a large number of possibilities to explore. They have a wide range of techniques that drew our attention and touched us,” says Fernando. Humberto adds “Lasvit was very enthusiastic about new possibilities of manufacturing, so they challenged us to come up with new ideas. Our collaboration was very inspiring.

The Candy Collection

The first result of their collaboration is the Candy Collection, inspired by colorful Brazilian candies. The collection includes the Sphere and Ring chandelier, as well as the Lollipop table lamp, all conceived and produced in hand-blown glass and metal.

For the Candy Collection we wanted to explore the colorful universe of our Sushi series and to express it through a glass collection,” says Fernando Campana. “Our fascination with this material dates back to our childhood. We were completely seduced by the glass objects that we used to put against the light to investigate their shadows, colors, transparency, dimensions and to imagine the worlds inside them,” he adds.

We found the inspiration for this collection in the colorful candies that you can buy in popular markets in Brazil,” explains Humberto. “The brightness of the glass combined with the collection’s palette of colors, as well as the visual aspect of the colorful lines, make you imagine the piece as a candy, as a lollipop. As for the shape of the chandeliers, it comes from our Sushi IV chair”.

Fungo Chandelier – the Unexpected Inspiration

Their second project with LASVIT came into production thanks to an unexpected impulse during the Campana Brothers’ visit to the glassworks. The Fungo Chandelier was inspired by the fascinating shape of a mushroom growing on wood. Yet this mushroom didn’t grow in the forest, the Campana Brothers discovered it growing on an old glassmaking mold.

When we went to the LASVIT glassworks in Lindava, we visited their basement where the wooden molds used to create the shapes of their glass pieces are stored. We noticed a kind of mushroom that grows on them thanks to the humidity. It inspired us to create this piece,” says Fernando Campana. “Our work has always been inspired by nature and we wanted to mix it with LASVIT’s tradition and to fuse their techniques with natural materials.

The resulting artwork displays a striking contrast between wood and glass. Humberto Campana explains, “Our main purpose is to create a shock between the formal rigidity of the chandelier’s wooden structure and the pieces of glass that seem to spontaneously germinate from the wood“.

The Fungo Chandelier may have been a lucky accident in terms of inspiration, but it required the experience of world-class designers to conceive it and the mastery of Czech craftsmen to execute such a piece. Thus two distinct cultures met to create something daring, new and original.

That’s art at its best.

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