In Conversation With Daniela Vincenz

Posted On: 21 09 2016

How did you start making art? Can you recall the very first artwork you created? Tell us more about it.

There was never a period in my life without drawing and painting, but I can`t remember one in particular ‘when does it start to become art?’.

You’re a painter and a goldsmith – how do you get the focus for each and balance the work?

Living in the UAE since 10 years ago, I have found a way of working in two fantastic destinations. The contrast of the two countries is giving me a lot of energy. In Switzerland I like to work in my profession as a goldsmith, combine design with handicraft three- dimensional jewelry in precious materials. Back in Dubai I can “go wild” and spread the colour on huge canvases. I feel very privileged being able to do both and enjoy bringing art to life in small and large dimensions.

What is Daniela Vincenz’ artistic signature? What themes do you pursue?

The portraits are the central subjects and also recurring themes are abstract landscapes, animals and groups of people. The technique I developed over the years is unique and often the question is raised ‘how I do it?’. But a few secrets I have to hold back. Don’t you think?

Tell us more about your “Global Faces” portraits. Where do you find inspiration?

There is nothing more inspiring as living in Dubai! The multi culture and variety of faces is amazing and gives me the input for “global faces”. My portraits are like fractions of a second, a blink of an eye, an anonym face in the crowd. Catching the expression of the moment and the attempt to fix it on canvas in my own interpretation gives me a big satisfaction and, finally, the fun.

We’ve noticed from the collection that most of the portraits are women’s. Is there any reason behind it? Why not portraits of men?

Actually, I have painted a couple of men’s portraits and sold very well; but it is easier to find female faces as a reference.

Every portrait is filled with some kind of emotion. Could you elaborate the emotions behind some of the portraits?

My paintings are very physical work and the process of spreading the colour over the huge canvas brings out the best of it. In every stage, the emotion is changing from passion to joy, exhaustion and desperation to satisfaction.

“Lan” and “Juan” are in your personal collection. Do you have a sentimental connection with those masterpieces?

Yes, very much indeed. In every collection, I have one or two pieces I am very much attached to. I am not keen to sell them; I just want to keep them in my private collection.

Things you love about Dubai?

The city is vibrant and tremendously visionary. I enjoyed witnessing what Dubai has achieved in the last 10 years and, simply, being part of it.

You are leaving Dubai and decided to sell your outstanding apartment. Who designed your home?

So far, I didn’t mention this other passion of me. For friends and myself, I enjoy designing home interiors. So, everything, I did it myself.

Over the year, I collected furniture, fabrics and decoration from around the world. I love to put together different kind of styles from different decades. It`s quite a challenge, but makes a home unique and gives a very personal touch and warm feeling.

What will you miss the most about it?

The outstanding view over the sea, marina and the whole Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) community – especially by night, it is unbeatable.

Why is this a good place to live?

JLT, in general, is a great neighborhood, has real community feeling and everything is close by.

How was your experience with Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty and your global property consultant, Christine Park?

From the very beginning, I felt very confident and in good hands with Christine. She is such a likeable person and it is very easy to work with her! The promotion and advertising for the apartment are fantastic and professionally done. We highly recommend her and Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty.

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