How to have a truly luxurious Christmas in Dubai

Posted On: 20 12 2018

How to have a truly luxurious Christmas in Dubai

One of the many great things about living in Dubai is that its multi-cultural atmosphere has produced a calendar that is as stuffed as turkey full of holidays. No matter your background, traditions or religion, each celebration is open to everyone and many people find themselves discovering things they didn’t know with each occasion that brings us together. Once upon a time, Christmas in Dubai might have gone past with little attention, but these days it is a fully-fledged member of the social agenda and shops, offices, hotels and venues go all out to showcase their culinary whizz and decorative flair so that everyone can enjoy the festive period. But of course, it wouldn’t be Dubai if we didn’t find a way to put our own luxurious sparkle on the proceedings, especially given that we can all enjoy the holiday spirit whilst bathed in sunshine! So, to help you ensure you can have the most luxuriously elegant Christmas (which is the least you deserve) we’ve put together some little gifts, none of which you will want to return.

Decadent Decorations

Everyone knows that the best way to feel Christmassy is to make sure you have the best decorations. When you are hosting your fabulous festive party, you need to have created a sophisticated winter wonderland haven that simply wafts with style like steam off mulled drinks. Don’t panic if you are concerned about your interior designer prowess, like everything in Dubai, there is someone to help you out with that. The infectious elves at Irony Home not only stock the finest in decorations, ornaments, garlands and even festive kits, they will also come to your house and decorate your tree for you.

Fabulous Feasts

We totally understand, you have taken the giant step of volunteering to host Christmas this year. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe you asked too many people, but either way you now find yourself being as inundated as Santa by children’s wish lists as your guests start sharing stories of their “traditions” and the possibility of you “weaving a couple in so they don’t miss home as much”. Oh, and you can’t exactly “cook”. Well never fear, you can still host an utterly awesome “home-cooked” meal that everyone will love courtesy of a little delivery magic. Grosvenor House will provide you with a luxury box filled with their chef prepared turkey supper with all the trimmings; it even comes with reheating instructions and serving notes, so you can truly show off your skills! (Any nobody ever needs to know!).

Magical Markets

If you are having trouble getting into the festive spirit or feel like you might need a little insight into what this crazy, old holiday is all about, you can’t go wrong with popping out for an evening of wonder at one of the heart-warming Christmas markets around the city. Most of the major hotels are hosting a ‘winter wonderland’ of some kind and each of them are packed like stockings full of Santa, snow, delicious food, last-minute present ideas and even reindeers! We’ll be popping down to Santa’s Secret Island at Bluewaters.

Sumptuous Socialising

If your idea of how to celebrate any holiday involves gathering with friends over a luxury meal, expertly served to you in a venue that doesn’t require you to get stuck with any of the clean-up, then one of the many magnificent Christmas Brunches is the choice for you. From getting dressed up to the nines (and then ruining it with a Santa Hat) to the extraordinary culinary creations (you never really liked Turkey anyway) and the comfort of knowing you can head home whenever you want, this is definitely one of the most ‘Dubai’ ways to celebrate the day. Check out the Ritz Carlton, Armani/Ristorante and Pier Chic for a totally fabulous day.

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