How to conquer Luxury Entertaining

Posted On: 17 08 2019

How to conquer Luxury Entertaining

Entertaining is a huge part of the lifestyle of Dubai. With our melting pot of different cultures, the city has established a stellar reputation in which people come together, mix and socialise. Even our leisure sector celebrates different cultures through its food and entertainment outlets, there isn’t a culinary experience you can’t try in Dubai. From our offices to our schools, our clubs to our hobbies, each environment is smorgasbord of different backgrounds, geographies and experience, all of which acts as a catalyst to our growth as members of humanity and a more global understanding. Not to mention that the pervading cultures of the city have always had a tradition of entertaining and bringing family and friends together on a regular basis. This ethos is especially evident in the property market as we see each home and development being built around ways to socialise and entertain, from the central parks and community centres to individual majlis’s, giant pool-side patios and roof terraces in villa’s and penthouse apartments.

If you are someone who prides themself on living the luxury lifestyle, you need to know how to entertain in style. We’ve put together some top tips on how to ensure that every time you entertain it is utterly luxurious and completely unforgettable.

Sophisticated Touches

The main factor that will set your event apart are the little touches that more novice hosts would overlook. It is in these elements that you can really demonstrate your flare for entertaining and showcase your skills as the host with the most. Whether this is beautiful linen napkins in bespoke silver rings for a dinner party or customised candles and holders for an outdoor soiree depends on what you might be celebrating, but never skip the small stuff – it won’t go unnoticed.

Sparkling Scenes

Consider the atmosphere in your favourite restaurant, what is the lighting like? The truth is that lighting can have a huge impact on people’s mood and experience and therefore it needs to be carefully curated for any event you throw. The right tone of brightness or colour filters could mean the difference between whether guests feel welcomed or weirded out. Candlelight is still the most warming and luxurious, although be careful with mixing scents, but there are ways to create a similar vibe using string lights or lamps that can be just as becoming. Obviously if you are throwing a larger event, giant strips or arches of fairy lights immediately add an elegant sense of celebration and will often make a party seem far grander than you will have had the budget for.

Stunning Surprises

The sheer amount of entertaining and events that go on in the city does make it a little harder to rise above the rest, but finding a unique way to put a different spin on your party will be worth its weight in gold. There is no better sound than an audible gasp from a guest, trust us. It might be intoxicating dry ice buckets for service, edible mist orbs of flavour or even the additional of a vertical garden to give your room a pop of colour and wonder; whatever it is that you choose, make sure it will stand out from the crowd.

Superb Service

What might be the common denominator of every amazing party you attended? Is it possible it was those events at which every whim was indulged, every drink never went dry and every time you turned around there was a delicious nibble awaiting you? Excellent service never goes out of style and your guests should always feel as though their needs are your top priority and that they are always being taken care of. Catering and staffing are readily accessible in Dubai and adding them to your party list will mean that you can relax a bit more having made sure that everything is designed to enhance your guest’s experience.

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