Getting to know our Agents: Priya Stern

Posted On: 18 02 2019

Getting to know our Agents: Priya Stern

This week we sat down with Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty Associate Priya Stern to find out more about what a typical day looks like for her and to pick her brains about luxury property in Dubai.

Hi Priya, thanks so much for talking to us, so first off, which areas do you specialise in?

I am an expert in property for sale in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, from studio apartments to 5 bedroom villas and luxury penthouses.

And what does a typical day for you look like?

I usually spend the first part of the morning setting up my day. I start off by ensuring all of my clients have been contacted and booked in to the diary for viewings. From 12 – 7pm I usually am out of the office on viewings, just this week I had several viewings in Trident Grand Residence in Dubai Marina and Shams in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

How long have you worked for Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty?

I have been at Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty for 3 years now. I was actually one of the original team at ERE Homes for five years until their merger with Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty which brought me here!

What is different about working at Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty?

It is so wonderful to work for a truly luxury property brand, recognised globally for not only the real estate side of things but other aspects like their auction house. As an international firm, we have a global reach that enables us to assist clients with their entire overseas portfolio, not just within the UAE. We also have unrivalled technological resources that allow people to experience properties in a brand new way and market their properties in the best way.

Where is your dream Dubai location?

That would definitely have to be Emirates Hills, their luxury villas are exquisite.

Where is your dream home location in the world?

Aix en Provence in the South of France, which is where I studied, so I have always dreamed of owning a home there.

What predictions do you have about the property market in Dubai moving forward?

With more new properties set to handover over in 2019 we will continue to see an oversupply of new apartments in the market which is driving rental prices down for existing Landlords. As new projects are handing over, most Tenants are shifting towards new builds where the prices are reasonable set. I have noticed this year that many Tenants are renewing their rent and receiving a significant reduction in the process, a trend I see continuing well into 2019.

What is the coolest thing you have ever seen in a home?

A nightclub in the basement of a villa! That was next level indulgence (and it looked super fun!)

What got you into real estate?

When I graduated from university, I was looking for a summer job in London and started working for a real estate company there and then I got head hunted to come to Dubai

If you weren’t in real estate what would you be doing?

Ooh, that’s kind of hard as I love this so much. But it would definitely be something in sales, I really love dealing with people and being challenged.

What makes Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty the right choice for someone looking to buy or sell their home?

The attention to detail and the excellent service you get from the first phone call. Every agent is specialised in their designated area and will go above and beyond to get you the best price on a unit, whilst keeping things hassle-free for you. Our global reach when listing a unit means it is advertised on and has over 3million views a day. Also, if Landlords and Sellers in the UAE have assets overseas they can always get the same level of care at one of our 880 offices.

Where do you live? I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in IMPZ which is ideal for me as it takes me just 15 minutes to get to work and is only a 10-minute drive to the Dubai Marina, which is ideal for viewings on the weekend.

What do you like to do with your time off? Cinema, binging a good TV series, cuddles with my puppies and squeezing in time for a pampering session is always on the cards!

What is the weirdest thing/experience that has ever happened to you in your career? Finding my husband at Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty!

Congratulations! So what do you two most love about living in Dubai?

365 days of sunshine is hard to beat. But also the opportunities that are within reach and of course the great expat community and the chance to watch an amazing city grow in front of you.

Just before you go, why would you say Dubai is such a good place to invest in property?

Quite simply, some of the highest annual rental returns in the world, up to 12%! Investors can also get a 10 year residency visa now, 0% tax on rental returns and a range of short term rental company options to assist you when needed.

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