Choose the best: True luxury is a luxury smart property

Posted On: 09 03 2019

There are undoubtedly certain elements that everyone can agree can turn a home into a luxury property. State of the art amenities, marble surfaces, superior interior design, private swimming pools, cinemas, spas and gyms; these are just some of the touches that take a home from ordinary to extraordinary. The Dubai property market is, of course, one of the best places in the world to find your dream luxury property. Not only do developers understand the demand for heightened quality and refined finishes, but you are unlikely to find a location with the range of choice in luxury homes. Here you can browse different styles, unique exteriors, furnished designer interiors, sustainable communities and grand landscaping havens, none of which compromise on the luxury sentiment we all want. But now there is a new playa on the luxury scene and, for those in the know, it is the must-have accessory to any luxury home; smart automation.

Let’s face it; one of the underlying secrets to the enjoyment of pure luxury is convenience. That sense that everything is taken care of, that you don’t have to lift a finger, that a waiter will be along any minute with a refreshing drink and that snack you can’t get enough of. That is exactly why the evolution of smart homes has now become part of the mainstream luxury residential property market. The opportunity to have our homes make our lives more efficient and to add value in areas we didn’t even know we needed it, is too good to pass up. We now live in an age where you can ‘Face Time’ your refrigerator. It might sound weird, but you’ll never run out of milk again.

The growth in smart home automation has exploded in the last decade. In 2006, there was only one building in Dubai pioneering advanced technology, the legendary Le Rève Residences. They introduced the smart home system OPUS which allowed for automated control of lights, air-conditioning, temperature and music through remote controls or wall panels.

Today the luxury real estate market is teaming with developments that have considered the installation of automation equipment from the outset. Not only is it now common to find easy to use controls for lights, temperature and house-wide music systems, you can now also manage your blinds, curtains, irrigation and energy output. Smart motion-sensor videos can now also connect you with your front door, surrounding CCTV and even pet watching. Plus, everything can be run from your mobile phone. We’ve definitely come a long way from needing the butler to answer the door!

One Palm Jumeirah

Leading the pack in home automation technology is a firm called Creston, evidenced by their domination of the more exclusive and expensive luxury homes in Dubai. A perfect example of this trend is the One Palm Jumeirah, managed by the Dorchester Collection. This landmark luxury apartment complex is fully equipped with Creston technology and Dynalite keypads that control every element in your home, including: lighting, climate, windows and AV. Every apartment comes with 4 iPad master control points and concealed WAPs that provide total WIFI coverage throughout. There is a custom-made building app for two-way communication between owners and building management that offers a unique level of room service designed to cater to your every whim, including: F&B, spa treatment, health club, cinema bookings, meeting room bookings, valet, car wash, private chef, pantry, laundry, turn-down service, concierge and maintenance.

Smart home automation is the future of luxury living, even for the technologically shy amongst us. Once you have experienced the joys of clapping on lights, voice recognition commands and automated reminders, you will wonder how on earth you ever lived without them.

Now, where can I plug in my Alexa…..

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