Buying Luxury Property Exclusively: A Cut Above

Posted On: 01 12 2019

Buying Luxury Property Exclusively: A Cut Above

Apparently there are no two snowflakes alike in the world. No, we aren’t talking about the sub- millennial generation who can’t take a joke, these are the ice crystal ones who are formed as they fall, each individually unique. Many argue that the same individuality can be applied to us as humans, each shaped by our own journey to be truly unique. This is a concept we can certainly attest to at Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, particularly when it comes to the pursuit of the extraordinary. The truth is that we do all possess different desires, priorities and goals; some of us wish to live a life filled with indulgent and unrivalled luxury and others, well, don’t. Luckily for us, we cater to those who very much fall into the former category, most ardently, of course, when it comes to the luxury property they wish to enjoy.

For those truly cosmopolitan individuals with the panache to go after what they want, buying the right luxury property should be a process that brings confidence and joy; one that involves reputable assistance and sensible choices. That is why for our most extraordinary clients, looking for the most luxurious properties, we thoroughly recommend opting for viewing properties that are exclusive listings. There are many reasons why this option is far preferable, especially within the luxury property sector, but here are the most crucial benefits:

Refined Relationships

Exclusively listed luxury properties mean that the seller has, quite astutely, made the decision to work with one agent, an individual, and most likely a brand, they can trust to take the utmost care with their property and provide the most efficient service. Since the journey involved in selling a property involves several aspects, the property consultant and the seller will have established a close working relationship that you wouldn’t find when properties are listed with multiple agents. This is the type of mutually beneficial relationship that can aid property buyers as they know information can be obtained quickly, their advice will be trusted and that the consultant knows the property and seller inside out.

Exclusive Responsibility

As a luxury property buyer there are always going to be ‘deal-breakers’ and ‘must-haves’ on your list during your property search. Dealing with a property broker who is solely responsible for their listing as it is exclusive, means you can rest easy about a lot of things that should be on those lists. Their focus on the property means that it isn’t floating around on the open market and susceptible to varying price offers and dodgy dealings. Exclusivity offers security and assurances for you as the buyer that the quality and representation of the property will be accurate and that you will have all the relevant information needed. With the right property agency, you can also be confident that you will be among the first to view the property, preferring as they do to work with a discerning network in which properties are targeted to the individual’s desires and needs.

Tailored Service

At Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, we every much tailor our service to the discerning, luxury- seeking individuals as unique as snowflakes. Their cultured tastes and refined sophistication requires a more personalised touch, one that understands their needs and is able to adapt to and exceed their every expectation. Our expert property consultants go the extra mile to make sure that

they have accurately assessed your objectives, be they the purchase of a luxury family home or an expansion of an extensive property investment portfolio, and that they can be the first to offer you the very best options to suit your dreams and budget.

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