10 Luxury Interior Design Tips

Posted On: 03 03 2019

10 Luxury Interior Design Tips

Okay, so you have found your dream home. Now, you have to decorate it. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your dream villa might have the beautiful bedrooms, the amazing view and even the private pool and roof terrace, but you need to make sure the interiors are as luxurious so that you can live your best (and most chic) lifestyle. From family-friendly aspects to your ability to host a fabulous event, the style of your home is always a reflection of your personality and you should always strive to make sure it showcases you at your very best. In order to help you sort out the tat from the tremendous and the tacky from the treasures, we have put together a little guide of top interior design tips that will transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Assistance: Firstly, there is nothing wrong with admitting you need help and not everyone has the ‘touch’ when it comes to interiors, so don’t ever be afraid to source some expertise to make sure the job is done properly. There are lots of options for you when it comes to interiors decorators and a range of ways in which they can help from advice on home accessories to full scale renovations. Da Fonseca Design and Zen Interiors have particularly great teams who can assist you.

Shopping: If you are keen to shop for your home yourself and feel as though a browse around will help you decide on the best direction, then there are definitely a few key places to check out around the city. Apartment 51 has a great collection of beautiful designed accessories and furniture from around the world, so you can indulge your most eclectic impulses and creativity. You can also visit Crate and Barrel, Ethan Allen and Finasi.

Colour: The 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year is Living Coral, which perfectly lends itself to the typical Dubai style villa colour palette and tendency for evocative natural light design. It is fresh, stylish and, in the right context, extremely sophisticated. Consider using it for kitchen and tableware collections, pops of colour in your home accessories (vases etc) and even for outdoor furniture cushions.

Art: Nothing says luxury or style more than fabulous art. The choices you make around your home can make all the difference when it comes to the overall aesthetic look and is a sure fire way to impress your guests. Now, most of us won’t have the budget to fork out for a Monet or Banksy, but you don’t have to break into the millions to find beautiful and lasting pieces of art that will bring you joy and be an investment for the future. A visit to Art Dubai could easily help you sort fad from fashion and find something that speaks to you. You can also visit galleries like XVA to discover amazing local talent before they explode and artists from around the world that are starting to make a name for themselves.

Accessories: When you are looking at accessories, you need to consider the room intended and the overall theme you are looking for. Sometimes a well-placed splash of colour or pattern can create the perfect juxtaposition, but you need to avoid going overboard and clashing inappropriately. Sculptures and raw material bowls, vases and plates can add texture and substance that can elevate a room’s sophistication and add statement piece of décor that will look fabulous.

Accents: From block colour walls to kitchen tiles and bathroom trims, adding the right style of accent to a room can make all the difference. Vogue recommendations for 2019 interiors are all about experimentation and patterns. Taking influences from other countries, perhaps ones you have travelled to or love, is a great way to set your design apart. From traditional geometric vistas to earthy tones to change the way a room feels, the choices are endless and deeply personal.

Floors: The temperate climates of Dubai might have lessened our need for carpeted floors overall, but that doesn’t mean we should over-look the opportunity for decorating the space beneath us. A stunning rug in your living room can draw the eye and tie your furnishing together. A comforting soft rug in your bedroom can make you smile when pulling your feet from the duvet on a high-ac day! You can also use this the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of culture into your modern home by selecting designs from around the region, and the world, that incorporate traditional patterns and colours.

Automation: These days, the most luxurious of homes are all just a little bit smart. From security systems to control pad technology, there are so many ways in which you can make your home a little more advanced and your life a lot easier. From adding an ‘Alexa’ to controlling your lights, speakers and appliances from your smart phone, you can find the touches that will benefit your lifestyle the most. Who wouldn’t want a fridge that talks to you? Plus with the energy saving elements built in, you can save the planet and money!

Nature: One of the biggest trends of 2018/2019 is the incorporation of natural elements and raw materials into your home. Not only does this offer an extremely contemporary look, it is also often more environmentally friendly. From lighting to furniture, tableware to accessories, you can find a range of options that have been forged from more natural sources, used sustainable raw ingredients and will make you feel like you have brought a little bit of the beautiful outdoors into your beautiful home.

Style: Lastly, don’t ever forget that this is your home. Hopefully your dream home in which you will spend time with those you love the most, whether friends or family. So don’t be swayed by ‘trends’ or suggestions to the detriment of your personality. You are the one that will live there, so if you don’t love it, what’s the point? Stay strong and choose things that mean the most to you, the things that will make your everyday far from ordinary.

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