L’ Hermitage Villas


Luxury villas in MAHARASHTRA

L’Hermitage is a group of seven luxury villas, intended for lovers of nature who aim to offset luxury with a natural relaxed lifestyle, taking in all the elements. Each Villa, placed on one acre of land, L’Hermitage’s open manors have French and Spanish structural impacts, boho-chic home stylistic layouts, and immense vistas of the rich greenery outside. L’Hermitage brings out an island vibe into an inhabitant’s lifestyle. As one would expect all of the seven villas can be modified completely to fit to the buyer’s family’s tastes and preferences.Every villa has top of the line fittings, washroom installations, a secluded kitchen, digitized home film, general weatherproof sound framework, automated lighting controls, a temperature-controlled Balinese pool and an inbuilt Jacuzzi.

A tie-up with a leading facilities management company guarantees that all essential housekeeping and administration jobs of cleaning, planting, plumbing, power checks and pool upkeep are done by the management company. Full comfort and safety is guaranteed as the villas come with a 100% power back up and battery operated smoke detectors with fire extinguishers.Styled as a gated community, L’Hermitage is a remarkably extravagant idea in an interesting, still effectively available area of Alibag. With the launch of the government-initiated Ro-Ro ferry service, Alibag will soon have easy connectivity from Mumbai throughout the year. The residents will also be provided with an exclusive L’Hermitage speedboat service that takes one right to the villas.

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