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Cyprus citizenship investment

Minimum €2 Million In Property Investment
No Tax Consequences


The citizenship by investment of the government of Cyprus is the first choice for the high net worth individuals seeking to acquire EU citizenship for themselves and their families.

Our team of international consultants have an unrivalled knowledge of Investor Immigration Programs across the globe that offer reputable and irrevocable second citizenship in months.

Investment Exit

Within 3 years

Dual Citizenship


Spouse & Children

passports covered

6 to 7 Months

Timeline for Citizenship

  • Live, work, travel anywhere in the EU with no limitation
  • Straightforward and transparent criteria and process
  • Valid for entire family including children up to 28
  • No donation to the government
  • All nationalities eligible
  • No medical test or language requirements
  • Investment can be sold after 3 years. One property with value 500,000 has to be kept for life. This property can be rented, earning yield in return
  • Parents of the main investor can apply with additional investment of €500,000
  • Permanent Residency card in 5-10 days after application
  • No tax consequences – unless Investor chooses Cyprus Tax residency which has many advantages

Freedom of Travel

A European passport may allow you to travel freely to over 165+ countries around the world without the need to apply and wait for visa prior to your travels.

Cypriot citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within the 28 countries in the European Union.

Discover More

About Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus aerial view of beach and boats

The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union on May 1st,  2004 and joined the Eurozone on January 1st, 2008. Cyprus subsequently became a member of other international organizations, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the World Bank.

Not only does Cyprus have the lowest and most favorable tax rates in Europe, it also has many tax exemptions for non-residents.  Non-residents are only liable to pay taxes in Cyprus for income generated in the country. Moreover, there is no withholding tax on interest income derived in Cyprus or dividends earned in the country.  Cyprus has signed a Double taxation treaty with 43 countries to ensure that taxable income derived in Cyprus is credited from the country of tax residence of the individual.

Cypriot second passport and citizenship program is the only European citizenship program that could grant you and your family a second passport in 6 months. It is also one of the world’s most reputable and well-established Citizenship by Investment Program.

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