Glorious 18th Century Textile House

The Fabrik project is a modern rehabilitation of an 18th century “Pombaline” textile house, restoring key features such as its facade, stone arches and ornate ceilings. Inside the fabric of the building, there will be new, modern interiors and common areas, a state-of-the-art elevator, set within a reinforced, acoustically treated structure. This beautiful and unique rehabilitation, preserves both its identity and elegance. Testimonies to its rich past shine through the contemporary design and functionality, breathing new life into Rua dos Fanqueiros. The Fabrik project is divided into ten two bedroom apartments, including two duplexes, with generous areas of one hundred and sixteen to one hundred and eighty five square meters, much larger than typical Baixa apartments which are traditionally small and cramped.


Rua dos Fanqueiros is a typical Baixa or “Downtown” street boasting fabulous “Pombaline” buildings, part of Lisbon’s iconic landscape. The street was reconstructed in the 18th Century welcoming in fabric merchants - the “fancaria” - and trinket traders. Over the centuries, it became the hub of economic activity which saw the development of hotels, convents, theatres, artistic academies and more. Today, the street sits proudly in the heart of Lisbon, within walking distance St George’s Castle, the old town of Alfama, the restaurants and shopping districts of Chiado and Avenida Liberdade.

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