Owing to the infinite successes of traditional European design, the Legacy Villas at Jumeirah Park bring back the exquisite elegance of tiled roofs and artistically crafted terraces. These villas include ornamental decorations, beautiful mosaics, classic swimming pool and an overall traditional theme that’s common to Europe. In this category there are three, four and five bedroom villas custom made and suited to justify the highest standards.

Legacy villas strike the right balance between grace, tradition and contemporary design through the incorporation of open kitchens, huge bedrooms and spacious bathrooms. Surrounded with greenery on all four sides of the property and with picturesque veranda’s to calm and relax, Legacy Villas offer a graceful environment. The Jumeirah Park community features more than 2,500 properties and combines well-crafted villas with the beauty of expansive parks, eco-friendly green spaces and family orientated amenities.

Properties for Sale in Legacy, Jumeirah Park

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