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Established in 1744, 275 years of prized relationships


A record-breaking purveyor of all things needed for a truly luxury lifestyle, Sotheby’s is a renowned marketer of valuable possessions, capitalising on 275 years of prized relationships. Association with the Sotheby’s brand connects you instantly with international credibility and impeccable quality. Since its debut in 1744, Sotheby’s Auction House has built a revered tradition of uniting collectors with world-class works of art and marketing the world’s most cherished possessions; a tradition that, now over two centuries old, has given Sotheby’s Auction House a reputation for unrivalled authenticity and innovative creativity. Sotheby’s Auction House has evolved into the luxury go-to for prestigious possessions from jewellery to antiques. Sotheby’s counts nearly three quarters of Forbes’ 100 richest people and all dozen of its billionaire art collectors among its clientele. It has more than 15 auction locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and has an annual turnover in excess of USD 6 billion. Sotheby’s clients include the most discerning, affluent and cultured individuals from around the world. They are the source of influence within their peer groups and are well-educated consumers of luxury products. It is the quality of this exclusive network that facilitates the growth of the entire Sotheby’s brand, from art to luxury property.

Sotheby's Videos

Celebrating 275 Years of Innovation and Reinvention

275 Years of Innovation and Reinvention

Auctions Records, White-Glove Sales, and a Few Surprises in 2018

Auctions Records, White-Glove Sales, and a Few Surprises

Sotheby's London: Expert opinion on magnificent jewellery

diamond necklace

First Look: Bowie/Collector

David Bowie

The Most Important Collection of Color Field Paintings Ever to Appear at Auction

Most Important Collection of Color Field Paintings Ever

Record for Turner at London Evening Sale of Old Master & British Paintings | Sotheby's

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