The Arris

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Luxury Residence in Phoenix.

The Arris brownstones offer unique architecture, spacious vertical floor plans, modern interiors and high-quality construction. The four-story floor plans with 10’ ceilings also include livable basements and range in size from 5100 to 5400 square feet with prices ranging from the mid-900,000’s to the high 1,800,000’s. Located in Downtown Phoenix along the Light Rail, The Arris is within close proximity to the Valley’s best museums, many cultural, sports and entertainment venues and a rapidly growing culinary scene. The Arris, meaning the intersection of two surfaces, couldn’t be a better descriptor for this community which embodies so many intersections….downtown vibrancy meets upscale living and historical roots meet modern lifestyle.

There is a void of luxury “lock ’n leave” spacious residences in downtown Phoenix that The Arris fills. We are seeing more and more young professionals, empty-nesters and even families that want to take advantage of the awakening urban lifestyle that downtown Phoenix provides.

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