At Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty, you are trained by the very best in the business. Our organisation provides Dubai’s only full-time training and development facility for aspiring brokers. Your trainers will be on hand to help you grow, develop and get on. This contributes to your potential in closing deals faster and earning commission quicker.

We are aware that our employees need a vast range of skills, complimented by their knowledge and confidence. So we promote on-the-job training, and set our standards very high.

Each consultant who joins us, regardless of experience, enters into a comprehensive training programme that we have tailored for their best results.

New employees immediately enter into our comprehensive three month training programme, the first stage of which is a classroom based training module, where they are instructed in our core values. Methods and the legalities of the role. At the end of this initial period, they are tested on their knowledge, and only proceed to the next level once they have mastered this stage.

Middle East area specialists


All our consultants are area specialists, their areas are allocated to them based on their personality and life skills, ensuring their typical client can relate to them easily. Once their area is allocated, they must begin the process of learning everything there is to know about It, from local coffee shops and schools, to building types, floor plans, square feet, selling points, local attractions and suitability. We expect our employees to be better informed than any other consultant. Once again, they are given a test on their knowledge which must be passed before they progress.

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The final stage is a much more hands on training process where new employees are given the tools they need to succeed and mentored through each step of the practicalities. They learn how to conduct appraisals, handle client queries, manage landlords, carry out successful viewings and put together all the paperwork required for a leasing contract, shadowing our successful agents and working hand In hand with more experienced team members.

We are proud to say that each staff member who progresses through the Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty family training programme is unrivalled in their area knowledge, and that exposing them to as many different situations as possible throughout has proven to be invaluable.

The training programme is not complete until each individual has achieved a set target, at which point they graduate from the training department to the leasing department.

This process takes an estimated three months to complete and its creation and inception has vastly improved both our staff retention figures, and the success rate of our new employees.


Excellent salary schemes, commission growth, weekly cash incentives, monthly and annual prizes, awards, and bonuses – everything is geared towards promoting success.


Our global property consultants are competitive and know how to reach their goals. Every day, they go head-to-head with one goal in mind – to become the “annual top performer”. From exotic cruises to luxury holiday trips, high-end electronics, and designer items, all of our global property consultants are set on finishing the year being awarded as the top-notch sales and leasing agents.


Quarterly incentives are part of our great motivation strategy. For every quarter, we reward our top performing sales and leasing agents with a weekend stay in a 5-star hotel. Through our quarterly incentive scheme, we get our sales and leasing forces to stay on target, focus, and deliver consistent results quarter after quarter.


Promoting the unique personality, characteristics, lifestyle and expertise of our global property consultants is beneficial to the overall impression of our company and the properties we represent.

Our global property consultants are promoted on all social media platforms through a dedicated feature "Work Wednesday", video interviews, write-ups, and property mentions.

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